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Letís discuss some of the more common (and not so common) causes of spinal cord injuries (SCI).

Auto accidents Ė about half of all SCI cases in the US every year are directly due to car, truck, or other motor vehicle accidents.

Other traumatic injuries Ė gunshot wounds, stabbing wounds, injuries resulting from fights or war battles, injuries resulting from slip and falls, and skiing accidents all fall under this category. Trauma related injuries comprise around 42 to 45 percent of SCI cases in a given year.

Disease and inflammation related conditions Ė causative agents run the gamut and can include: cancerous tumors; cysts; inflammation due to arthritis; degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis; Friedreich's Ataxia; fistulas; and aneurisms.

Given how complex and system interdependent the spinal cord is, itís important not to self-diagnose. Only an experienced physician can identify precisely what factors may be at work with respect to your injury.

In some cases, drugs and/or surgery can alleviate some symptoms of SCI. In other cases, movement therapies can repair damage. But due to the fragile nature of the spine and the fact that delicate neurological tissue is difficult to repair, some injuries are permanent. These might include: quadriplegia; paraplegia; and loss of motor skills and sensory input.

That said, cutting edge research may be able to help some seemingly-permanently-crippled victims restore certain functions.

Given the costs and consequences associated with your spinal cord injury, itís a good idea to determine whether you may be able to hold an entity liable for your injury. The Tacoma spinal cord injury lawyers at the Bernard Law Group in Washington State can help. We have lots of experience dealing with Washington SCI cases, and we can take your call now at 1-800-418-8282.

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