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Spinal Cord Injury on the Job

Trauma causes many job related spinal cord injuries. Such catastrophic accidents often prove salacious and high profile. For instance, a construction worker may mishear a supervisorís instructions and fall off a building and break his back on a steel girder. Or a truck driver may fall asleep at the wheel and ram his rig against a road divider.

Traumatic spine injuries often involve a single acute accident, mistake, or incidence of negligence. As such, debate over who is liable for causing the injury often boils down to who is responsible for the omission, error, or active malice that led to the onsite accident.

However, there is another class of on-the-job spinal cord injury. This type often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Soft tissue injuries that result from overuse or misuse can likewise result in the severe damage to the spinal column, nerves of the spinal cord, and other areas of the neck and head that are critical for active functioning.

For instance, a computer programmer driven by his company to meet a product deadline might spend 18 hours a day hunched over his laptop for weeks on end to meet the deadline. This work can terribly distort his shoulders, back, and neck.

Soft tissue related spine injuries can in many cases be reversible with proper therapies and/or surgeries. Nevertheless, they can do serious damage and cut down on worker productivity and life enjoyment.

If you believe that youíve been the victim of on-the-job spinal cord injury in Washington and that your employer might be responsible, you can get compensated for medical expenses, pain, trauma, and lost wages. Find out more by calling the Washington spinal cord injury lawyers at the Bernard Law Group at 1-800-418-8282, and browse the rest of for more useful information about SCI.

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